EU PROJECT Design and Consultancy for GRANT APPLICATIONS

Erasmus Language Center

The rapidly developing and growing institutions, schools, organisations and enterprises in Cyprus need to adapt their internal structures in order to keep up with this speed of international development and to compete with national or international companies. As of 2006 European Union Grants have been established by the Commission in order to support the economic development of the Turkish Cypriot community. In this context, institutions, organizations, private companies and individuals are encouraged to apply for grant programmes by completing application forms given within the framework of the EU Grant scheme in order to benefit from these granta. Our project team prepares applications professionally. Some of the important factors that institutions and businesses should pay attention to in grant application are:

  • their applications are in English
  • delivery of general objectives, project purpose, results and activities in desired format and order
  • making budget and financial calculations

Our school develops and manages projects in line with these requests. Our team are certified Project managers with adequate training from international organisations such as International Performance Driven Project Management (ISPI).Project Management certifications, address this issue and create a more professional and more successful environment for companies. In addition to the preparation of the grant application, we also manage the project during implementation on request.

Here are some of the applications completed succesfully;

  • Bayraktar Middle School (BOO)
  • Anafartalar High School (2 Projects) (AL)
  • Erasmus Language Center (ELC)
  • Lefkoşa Türk Lisesi (LTL)
  • Sehit Turgut Ortaokulu (STOO)
  • Feel free to book an appointment for your Grant Application.